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Hello there!<3 Welcome to the Pack of the Northern Lights. If you need anything, please contact one of our staff members. Thanks, and enjoy your stay!

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1/26/16 -

Hello fluffs, Rav here. I'd like to say that I am not the only staffie here, but I am too busy to start up this pack right now. This pack will remain on hold until further notice
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Pack Rules

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Pack Rules

Post by Ravioli on Tue Aug 25, 2015 8:21 pm

Please read all the rules before joining the pack as a full member or a pack friend

  • Swearing and cursing is not allowed. The obvious words are not allowed (f***, b!tch, bullsh!t, @sshole, sh!t, any other offensive racial term, etc); other words are alright as long as they're not overused (ass, damn/dammit, darn, dick, douchebag, etc)

  • Do not claim to be a mod/admin when you're not. All the staff members have orange names so it would be very easy to see that you're not. This is highly offensive and you can get into lots of trouble for this

  • In the roleplay, do not powerplay/godmod. This means being highly unrealistic (ex. he killed the bear in one blow, she clawed his brain out, etc) and/or controlling another person's character (ex. she body-slammed him to the point where his wolf flew against a tree, she started to crush on him and he instantly crushed on her back, etc). Also, killing another member's character without permission can also lead to consequences as well, even if there was no powerplaying involved

  • When roleplaying or posting around the site, please use proper grammar and spelling. Save all the chat speak for the chatbox, please. If you're not fluent in English and are struggling, you will be given exceptions. Also keep in mind that typos, not knowing how to spell certain words or not knowing how to use a grammer symbol properly is alright as well

  • Roleplay posts must have at least three words; you may also make them as long as you wish. Posts around the forum must have at least one word (meaning no posting with just a number or a symbol as well)

  • Respect is key. There will be no tolerance for bullying and/or random unkindness. We all have bad days, we know, but please be nice. Also keep in mind that characters in rp can be mean to your character. Learn how to hate the character, not the person in case this happens in the rp to your wolf

  • Act appropriately and bring no unnecessary drama into ooc (random posts, the chatbox, etc). When joining as a member or pack friend, put "I want a mustache" as the secret word. No one likes drama, and please save all that for the roleplay

  • Give credit to any artwork not made by you. No one likes a thief, especially when it's free art. Please give the person credit -- all you have to say is "Avatar/Signature by (Person's name)" in the least -- in either your signature or in the "location" tab in your profile. It is always much appreciated for the artists!

  • Last but not least, login to the website as often as you can (except when on efa) with a big smile on your face and have fun! c: We all love you so very much because we're all friends here<3
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